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I have just finished reading all of the excerpts from your zstories. You walk the reader through such huge a range of emotions, in such an intimate way  it is incredible. And your use of analogies, as always, is brilliant. I think the best way to express, in a nutshell, what I think is to tell you that as I read each excerpt, in turn, the same thought went through my mind: well, perhaps this one is my favorite.  .  .  . Valerie Ciccone


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Aphrodite in Jeans is a collection of essays that discuss a range of issues that affect women in mid-life. The preview version contains a selection of excerpts from the final book. Read excerpts by clicking on the links below.
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  The Day I Understood Little Red Sports Cars
      "This is my dirty little secret. . . . "
  The Aphrodite Phase
      "I think women who fall under the spell of Aphrodite during mid-life are far luckier than the ones who drink the divine juice earlier on. . . ."
  The Napalm Incident
      "I hated that little fucking tuft right over the top of the crack. . . ."
  Context Sensitivity  
      "The paramedics burst into the restaurant, their bright bulky uniforms creating instant chaos. . . ."
      "I loved his words. His words didn’t just move; they were break dancers on the hot sidewalks of New York. . . ."
  Citizens of Different Countries  
      "Evan is 20 years younger than I am. . . ."
  The Berm  
      "We settle in on the beach, picking a place right where the sand slopes down to meet the water. . . ."
  Purple Flowers  
      "Where is my husband in all this? . . . "
  Breaking New Ground  
      "In my new apartment I’ve carved out a small space for a garden. . . ."
  Dances With Co-Workers  
      "After about a week of non-stop togetherness, I feel a shift in his demeanor. . . ."
  You Had Me at ‘No  
      "I fancy myself a connoisseur of unavailable men. . . ."
  Owners of the Dream  
      "I go to my old house tonight for my ex-husband’s 40th birthday. . . ."


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